Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Blog Session 5

It’s not easy to choose one photograph I like to write about. There are so many to choose but it’s easier if I think of black and white photos. I definitely prefer black and white and I love going to the lab and develop my own pictures.
This photo was taken by Luis Poirot, a well-known Chilean photographer, and that day Víctor and Luis were near Cerro Blanco, trying to obtain a photo for Víctor’s new album cover. Here you can see part of the complete photograph. I found this copy on the internet but on my wall, I’ve got the original and it’s bigger. Apart from Víctor Jara holding his guitar, and the old lady behind him, you can a see a boy to the left, right next to Víctor, looking at the camera. And you can also see the entire guitar Víctor is holding. The difference between this picture and the one I have is that in the one on my wall, Víctor is not looking at the camera.
This photo was taken in 1968 or 1969. According to Luis, the photographer, this photo wasn’t authorized by the Communist party, so Víctor’s new album cover for “Pongo en tus manos abiertas” was the one – that you might have seen- with two palms.
Finally, I really like this photo because Víctor Jara is in it. I admire him and I respect everything he was and did.

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