Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blog Session 3

Write about your favourite piece of technology.


What it is.
When you got it.
How you use it.
How often you use it.
Why you like it.
What life would be like without it.


- 130 words minimum.
- Include a picture.
- Comment on at least 3 of your classmates’ blogs.

Good luck!


Thursday, 19 April 2012

My favourite singers from Brazil

Dear All,

I’m going to write about a singer, who I first listened to because of the film “Fast & Furious 5”, which is not the kind of film I like but as it has Brazil as a setting, and I’m interested in Brazilian culture, I decided to give it a try plus I had nothing else to watch that day.
This singer is called Obando D2 and in this song he sings with a girl called Claudia but I haven't found out who she is. The name of the song is “Desafabo deixa eu dizer”, which means “Relief let me tell you” or something like that. I know very little about this singer but I think he's been singing for a long time because he has more than one hundred songs. He’s in hip-hop and he’s just one of many singers who rap about the situation in Brazil, about poverty and crime in thefavelas. After listening some of his songs I can say this is my favourite song because of the lyrics, as you could read in the video, he talks about what is to live in a favela and how he’d like Brazil to be.

I know this is only about one singer but I can’t help including Antonio Carlos Jobim, one of my favourite bossa nova singers. Here you have my favourite song by him, “Desafinado” or "Out of tune"


Blog Session 2

Dear Class,

Today's theme is connected with music! Please write about a singer/band you like or a concert/exhibition you've been to.

If your choice is a band or singer, please include the following:
- name
- what do you know about them?
- what type of music do they play?
- why do you like this artist/band?
- what's your favorite song? why?
- publish a picture or video

or, if you're writing about a concert or exhibition, include this:

- what was it?
- when did you go?
- where was it?
- why did you like it?
- mention more details about it
- publish a related picture or video
In any case, write 120 words minimum and make 3 comments on your classmates posts.

Good luck!


Blog Session 1

This time please write "My autobiography" as a title and then include:

Birth information
Studies (elementary, secondary, university, others)
Others (travelling, likes and dislikes)

in 120 words minimum and don't forget to make comments on three of your classmates' blogs. You can always include pictures, if you want.



Welcome back to English

Dear Class,

This semester we'll write nine posts so I hope you enjoy this new experience. We'll be all reading each others blogs so you get to write comments on your classmates' blogs as well. Please remember every time you post in the class, you also have to write comments on at least three of your classmates' blogs.

Best of luck,


My autobiography

My full name is María Belén Farías Gutiérrez but nobody calls me María Belén. I’m Belén, a single Chilean woman, I’m 32 years-old and I live in Santiago. I’m from Chile and I was born in the capital city, on a rainy day, on May 22nd, 1979. We’re a five-member family, my parents plus my brother, sister and I; and both my sister and brother are older than me. My brother Felipe is the oldest and then my oldest sister, Male, which makes me the youngest. I also have a younger step-brother, Mauricio, who’s 16 and a younger half-sister, Mariajosé, who’s 4. My parents got divorced in 2004 and in the same year I left home and went travelling to Europe for a couple of months so I could visit some of my friends there.
I studied in the same school for twelve years and I’m still in contact with most of my classmates. After that, when I was 17, I worked sporadically and studied English for a year because I didn’t know what to study as a career but I finally decided I wanted to be a translator. I graduated as a translator in 2001 and then studied Pedagogía en inglés so I became an English teacher in 2005.
I really like music and sports. I play capoeira, practice yoga and rock climbing but I can’t go climbing as often as I’d like to. I love dancing too and I don’t mind trying to learn new rhythms. I enjoy singing and I try to learn new songs in different languages. Also, I’ve tried to learn how to play some instruments but regularly I just play the tambourine.