Thursday, 19 April 2012

My favourite singers from Brazil

Dear All,

I’m going to write about a singer, who I first listened to because of the film “Fast & Furious 5”, which is not the kind of film I like but as it has Brazil as a setting, and I’m interested in Brazilian culture, I decided to give it a try plus I had nothing else to watch that day.
This singer is called Obando D2 and in this song he sings with a girl called Claudia but I haven't found out who she is. The name of the song is “Desafabo deixa eu dizer”, which means “Relief let me tell you” or something like that. I know very little about this singer but I think he's been singing for a long time because he has more than one hundred songs. He’s in hip-hop and he’s just one of many singers who rap about the situation in Brazil, about poverty and crime in thefavelas. After listening some of his songs I can say this is my favourite song because of the lyrics, as you could read in the video, he talks about what is to live in a favela and how he’d like Brazil to be.

I know this is only about one singer but I can’t help including Antonio Carlos Jobim, one of my favourite bossa nova singers. Here you have my favourite song by him, “Desafinado” or "Out of tune"


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